We are taking everything we’ve created in our amazing wellbeing program and building on this to deliver incredible experiences for our students, supported by our three new pillars:

This framework has been developed through experience and extensive research to make sure you have the right tools to support our students. It will continue to evolve as we learn and grow and we love hearing your ideas, so please keep them coming!

Designed to make it easy to find what you are looking for; our framework supports us to #BeginExtraordinary

The "Live your best life" mission:

  • To become the champion of student experiences
  • To help our students save the planet with YugoEco
  • To help our students be better and do better with YuGrow
  • To help our students prepare for the professional world with YuPro
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Our goals:

  • To deliver four events per month, at least one per pillar
  • Bring on one new partner per quarter supporting our communities as per our pillars and share what we have learned.
  • Co-create the program with our students through their feedback

What we're looking to achieve

  • Students living their best life
  • Working together to make a real difference to support our students' holistic needs
  • Support our student's journey to their professional lives
  • Educate our students on how to live more sustainable
  • Support our movement to do less harm and decrease the use of single-use plastic
  • Be recognized as the leader and pioneer in students' living experience, championing sustainable sustainability worldwide
  • Support all Yugoers who can provide guidance and opportunities to our students
  • Editable templates that helps telling students about your events as easy as 123
  • Brand guidelines to help you Yugofy anything and everything
  • Support from the Yugo Marketing team
  • Tools for all your planning needs
  • Risk assessment forms for the riskier stuff
  • And most importantly... #inspo for cool activities

The Yugoer Starter Pack

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Are you ready to bring ‘Live Your Best Life’… to life?

You are? Great!

You can expect to find new content added as we develop and improve our program further. If you have an idea, updates, or questions, 
please email [email protected] 

Yugo is brought to life by all of us!

Below are some easy-to-use forms for you to capture all the great work you’re doing.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly Plan Template (by 25th of previous month)Monthly Report (by 7th following month)Student Feedback FormLearn more

Live your best life Framework

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